Whether it’s the outstanding spa treatment of slashed cucumbers over the eyes or the most delinquent TikTok hack, cucumbers have long been associated with skincare. But is the vegetable useful for your skin?

On TikTok, developers are discovering new methods to include cucumbers into their skincare divisions individually, many individuals say freezing them can guide to a host of advantages.

In a viral video published last month, founder Addie Beckman described how she utilizes the sharp end of a set cucumber to assist create her skin look “glowy and gorgeous.”

“It has a ton of counted help that regular ice or ice rollers don’t have,” she described. These bonuses, according to Beckman, have counted hydration, a cooling product, and a decrease in hives.

Fellow TikToker Selina da Silva published a video in which she honed a frozen cucumber on her look, naming it a “wild gua sha.”

Though the lower cost and clarity may entice individuals to provide this skincare feel a try, specialists warn that firm cucumbers may not enhance your skin.

“Cucumbers can deliver hydration, but there can be annoying side products, too,” Kim Chang, an aesthetician at the Baylor College of Medicine, told Health.

How Does the Frozen Cucumber Hack Work?

While there’s no authorized method, this frozen cucumber hack is rather straightforward most people just slice off one end of a cucumber, place it in the freezer, and then massage the flat end of the cucumber on their face, as if they were operating an ice roller.

There is some interpretation, however. Some designers put the firm cucumber on their skin in quick bursts, while others suggest going the vegetable on for more extended periods.

Other creators freeze pieces of cucumber and then put them on their faces, almost akin to using silicone patches.

Whether it’s whole or in pieces, frozen cucumber has garnered a lot of engagement online for its alleged skincare help. Most generally, individuals claim that vegetables can decrease puffiness, diminish symptoms of aging, relieve sunburn, control acne, hydrate skin, and tamp down on hyperpigmentation.

Can Cucumbers Do Anything for Your Skin?

Cucumbers could certainly have some positive effects on the skin, explained Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of ornamental and clinical examination in the division of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital.

“Cucumbers have a heightened water range, which is why they are generally used to the skin to hydrate and comfort,”. “When taken straight from the fridge, the cooling craze also helps narrow blood ships and improve puffiness.”

Utilizing something out to narrow blood vessels can support “the skin calm down from conditioning and heat,” stated Chang. Also, this blood vessel narrowing, or vasoconstriction effect, may make the skin look more familiar.

Yet, the hype around using cucumbers on your skin is mostly just that, experts decided.

Any hydrating or cooling products a person might get from putting a frozen cucumber on their skin they could also gain from an ice cube, Zeichner said.

Something else to think: This hack’s effect doesn’t last, Day. Any skin-tightening someone sees from the cool cucumber is only quick, she described.

And though cucumbers do have genuine soft ingredients such as antioxidants and vitamins, the skin may not even be capable of drinking them, Chang cautioned.

“Effects operated on top of the skin will need some type of delivery agent to aid in the penetration strategy,” she said.

Add Cucumber to Your Diet, Not Your Skincare Regimen

Putting cucumbers on your skin could show some short-term skincare help, however, specialists warned that people should stay out of this hack in fact, using cucumber on your face could even make your skin fitness worse.

For one, cucumbers can generate skin rash, particularly for individuals with diseases such as eczema, acne, or psoriasis, said Chang.

Another big problem is the chance of ice burns, told Day.

“Short communication with cold temperatures should not be difficult,” Zeichner counted. “But vast directions can be dangerous, showing to situations like frostnip, frostbite, or even the gap down of fat beneath the skin.”

Day noted that exiting room-temperature cucumbers on your skin could be an issue, too. Despite cucumbers’ standing for being hydrating, dumping them on for too long could dampen your skin, she said.

“As the water from the cucumber parches off the skin, it will pull moisture off of your skin and will end up parching it out also,” said Day.

There’s also a chance that cucumbers could have bacteria that could scratch the skin, particularly around exposed areas such as the eyes or mouth, Chang stated.

“There have been many circumstances where patients have come into the clinic due to an allergic response from rubbing cucumbers on their front and putting it over their eyes,” she described.

Finally, professionals agree that this looks hack isn’t worth your time.

To reap the hydrating and cooling advantages of frozen cucumber, Zeichner advised individuals to stick with standard cold metal or rock face rollers. These don’t manage to get as cold as cucumbers “and are probably a safer choice for the face,” he stated.

And if the security of other antioxidants and vitamins from cucumber skincare is pretty, it’s best to just get these extras from eating the vegetable.

“The most suitable way to utilize a cucumber for skin fitness is to eat it or mix it into your smoothie,” Chang stated.

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